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Love Football? Rush To The Bangalore Football Turf To Enjoy A Game With Your Buddies!

New to the city and looking to stay fit with the help of the game you love playing (Football) or are you looking to meet like minded people who share your passion for the game to help you unwind from the daily grind? If you happen to play football, then sometimes you must have wondered where you can play a game or two with your friends at a time convenient to you. {Like Seriously!} But gone are those days when you'd have to go to Kanteerava stadium or find a vacant ground that does not have stones or garbage dumped at the side which kinda makes the whole experience pretty drab, or to watch or play the sport.

Located at the junction of Hennur-Bagalur road and approximately less than 2kms away from Manyata Tech park is the Bangalore Football Turf! Home to a large number of regulars players as well as old Bangaloreans who can come to re-live their school days along with their friends all the way from Clarence High School to St. Germains to Bishop Cottons or even St. Josephs. Bangalore Football Turf is buzzing with football enthusiasts from across the city who form teams either amongst themselves or log onto the website and host games that other individuals can also join in on and book the pitch and play the game. Since work gets done usually by 5 or 6 for most of the working crowd, the ideal time to head to the pitch is around 7:30 or 8:00pm. For those of you who can't make it at night and are early to rise, fear not as BFT (Bangalore Football Turf) opens up pretty early in the morning to accommodate you guys as well. The pitch costs approximately INR 1300 on weekdays and INR 1500 on weekends or public holidays on an hourly basis. Which is a great deal especially if you book the pitch and play 6-a-side, then the costing is just INR 100 per person on an average. {Amazing, isn't it?}.

For everyone who is also looking at Football coaching options for their kids, Bangalore Football Turf is home to 3 football clubs in North Bangalore and is open to accepting students at all times around the year. All the clubs conduct coaching at the same venue on different days and different timings - for those interested, get in touch with the venue to get the contact details of the clubs.

So what are you waiting for? Head to Bangalore Football Turf today and see what it has to offer to you :)

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